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Aerolineas Argentinas identity

Posted by rod - 08.09.2010

Our Mission
To connect Argentineans and contribute towards the integration and economic and social development of our country, promoting the national territory as a tourist, cultural and business destination.

Our symbol
The condor is a bird typical of our national territory. However, the Aerolíneas condor is an indisputable part of the brand. It is not a naturalistic representation but a proper and personal symbol, designed with a particular style and instantly recognizable. Born in the middle of last century, this symbol is rescued today more than ever, more stylized and refined in a subtle and respectful manner.

Our Colors
In order to pay tribute to our flag, Aerolíneas changes the dark blue for a light one and includes the yellow as a representation of the sun in its color palette, and silver, representing the etymological origin of our country and also as a symbol of the excellence we have set as our goal.

Up high in the sky
The phrase that goes with our new brand image is burned into the memories of all Argentineans’ and inhabitants of this country. Up high in the sky (“Alta en el cielo” as is the original phrase in Spanish) evokes the first line of the patriotic song “Aurora” written in 1908 as a tribute to the national flag. The phrase plays with the identification of Aerolíneas Argentinas as a country emblem, and places the company within its element: the sky.

Designed by Futurebrand. Found via underconsideration

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