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Abu Dhabi Identity

Posted by rod - 10.08.2010

This is the new identity of Abu Dhabi which is the largest of the seven emirates.

“Our Identity
We are proud of our Islamic heritage. Of Sheikh Zayed’s legacy. Our identity should reflect this. To that end we propose a design which combines Islamic tradition with contemporary design based on an Arabic calligraphy of Abu Dhabi.

The Brandmark
Our Brandmark’s unique presence is inspired by our visionary future, wisdom of our heritage, and the landscape of Abu Dhabi.

Extended Usage of our Symbol (Frame)
The frame asset was developed in recognition of the tradition in Abu Dhabi of framing pictures and items of value, such as portraits. Incorporating elements of traditional bisht design – in order to maximise the reverence to be attributed to the item being framed – the frame asset offers a unique and subtle way of branding an advertisement, or a piece of literature.”

Read more about the identity here

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4 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Taulant
  • Aug 15, 2010

Hey this is not Albanian it is Arabic!
It is not the same!Some people can take this as an offense.
Please categorize it again under Arabic Emirates not under Albania.
If you need any Albanian Artwork I can supply it it you but please remove this.

  • From: rod
  • Aug 15, 2010

Thanks a lot Taulant. This was a categorisation mistake of mine. I pressed the wrong button. :)

  • From: MMAR
  • Aug 19, 2010

I’m genuinely SADDENED by these rich UAE nations exporting their branding to Euro-agencies who still have a very Orientalist mentality when it comes to esigning for the Arab/Muslim world.

Though the Arabic calligraphic emblem is interesting – the Latin accompaniment is nothing more than abhorrent – and that’s me being nice.

  • From: jgury
  • Aug 27, 2010

I agree about the Latin wording and the outsourcing. At least outsource to a more with it Arab/Muslim community. Its not like there is any shortage of creative talent who work both English and great Arabic calligraphy. South America is where I think it gets really interesting. I am biased.

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