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Cerveceria Hacienda Beer

Posted by rod - 01.07.2010

How cool are these beer labels for Cerveceria Hacienda, Mexico. The brewery launched 3 beers Hidalgo Stout, Catrina Red Ale and Jaguar Pale Ale. To reflect the beer’s origin, culture and individuality Andrew Rose got involved to design and illustrate these awesome labels. via Dieline

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3 Comments (add yours?)

Great looking beer! Wich the norwegian producers could be as creative as that!

  • From: Roozbeh
  • Aug 22, 2010

fantatic labels, i really need to taste these beers!
especially the last one…

  • From: YuyiBoo
  • Sep 27, 2010

You can get more info here…

my parents live in Mexico and they said this is the best beer ever, as soon as I can go to visit them I have to try them.. Cheers

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