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Mozambique Fashion Week ads

Posted by rod - 21.06.2010

Parading in high heels is nothing for those who balance a bowl on their head.

Discover the Africa you can’t see on National Geographic.

The African culture is on the streets, in museums, history books and in wardrobes.

African fashion brings back what the apartheid abolished: harmony between colors.

You can talk about Africa’s long legs and beauty without necessarily referring to a giraffe.

Fashion found out something that society should already know: no one color is better than another.

The Mozambique Fashion Week ads where created by DDB Mozambique via adsoftheworld

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4 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Tudz
  • Jun 21, 2010

Awesome! Very inspiring words <3

[…] Mozambique Fashion Week Ads are showing up on the internet. Clearly inspired by local African arts and fabrics, Mozambique created a clever way to showcase that to the world. This comes just in time with the 2010 South Africa World Cup where much of the world will be exposed to the African culture. You can see all the ads and translations here. […]

  • From: mimi
  • Dec 04, 2010

where can I buy these posters?

  • From: rod
  • Dec 04, 2010

I’m not sure Mimi. But if you contact DDB Mozambique who created these ad’s they could point you into the right direction.

Good luck

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