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Abuela Grillo animation

Posted by rod - 21.06.2010

Really lovely story. “The short film “Grandma Cricket” is produced at the Animation Workshop by 8 Bolivian animators, Alejandro Salazar, Cecilia Delgado, Joaquín Cuevas, Mauricio Sejas, Miguel Mealla, Román Nina, Salvador Pomar and Susana Villegas, as well as coordinator and teacher Denis Chapon from France.
The 8 Bolivian animators have been selected to go to Viborg from a group of 23 Bolivian students who participated in an animation course in Bolivia in the spring of 2009, arranged by the Animation Workshop in corporation with the Danish Embassy in Bolivia.
The group will be in Viborg until mid-December 2009.

Producing the music for the film
The music for the film is composed by Bolivian musicians in order to create the perfect atmosphere. Furthermore, a famous Bolivian singer, Luzmila Carpio, is with her unusual vocal doing the voice of the main character Grandma Cricket.

The Animation Workshop helps build the animation environment in Bolivia
When the 8 animators return to Bolivia, they have agreed to teach animation in their home country in return for the educational experience they have acquired at The Animation Workshop. There is no doubt that the Bolivian culture and business community will benefit from this teaching. Hopefully it may also result in the foundation of a South American animation school.” For more information about this lovely annimation head over to Abuela Grillo blog found via verdeenelpampon

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  • From: Anne
  • Jun 23, 2010

Loved this sweet animated short. Thanks for pointing it out, and have a nice day.

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