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Nada Debs Arabic Kufi Type

Posted by rod - 17.05.2010

“Nada Debs Arabic font is a simplified Kufi font with high contrast between the vertical and horizontal pen strokes. Nada Debs design studio is a modern interior and industrial design house focusing on eastern patterns and geometry in the design of their furniture and spaces. The type is directly inspired from the diamond Arabic dot shape as well as the geometric Kufi script that is in close relationship with arabesque and eastern patterns.
The structure of the type allows it to be implemented easily into the eastern furniture. The letters can by carved into wood structures or imbedded into cement pieces…
The font reflects the identity of Nada Debs furniture that are elegant and modern pieces and at the same time based on the eastern arts and structures.” via 29letters

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  • From: malaysia website design
  • Nov 01, 2010

i found that this article is very nice.

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