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Day of the Dead postcards

Posted by rod - 19.05.2010

“Printed postcards for Day of the Deads holiday.
The Day of the Deads might be one of the most important traditions in Mexico. And the
central figure in this tradition is the skull and the skeleton. Sugar skulls colourfully
decorated, flourished skeletons with wide and feathered hats in cut papers or dancing
clay skeletons it is just a glimpse of our unique conception of death; the happy death,
the silly, the funny one, the mighty and inevitable. But for over more than 400 years the
dresses of the Mexican death have not changed that much, so, these postcards are a
way to give our “death” a makeover.

Restating the sugar skulls and traditional cut paper, I created six different characters
which represent six of the underworld gods and goddesses, Mictlantecuhtli and
Mictecacíhuatl lord and lady of the darkness and the underworld. Chalmecacíhuatl, the
sacrificer; Nexocho, the joker; Micapetlacalli, the dead’s box and Nextepehua, the ashes

The Tzompantli, or wall of skulls was another element taken from the aztec culture.
These racks were built to display the sacrificial victims or those deceased at wars.
The grin. In all these characters the grin is related to Mictlantecuhtli’s mocking smile.
Some anthropologist say that this enigmatic gesture, depicted in one sculpture, seems
to smile or mock ironically of those who face or will face him one day.
Three posters were created as well, for silkscreen painting.
The skulls in the postcards were designed using an ornamental and illustration style
called DIDOQUE, which emulates the baroque ornamentation and is constructed on
whole letters and pieces, signs, glyphs of the DIDOT typography. Didoque, is a
portmanteau word and concept result of the words Didot and Baroque.”
Thanks to Edgar Olivas for getting in touch. For more of his work check out site

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