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Inspired by - Central America

Aztec toy god’s by Tixinda

Posted by rod - 21.05.2010

I am the rain that drop by drop awakens the seed,
With my thunderbolts and lightning I give light to the night or day
I raise my voice with my storms and thunder, but fear me not…
For I am the God that joyfully nourishes Earth.

I dance to the rhythm of the currents I allow to freely flow,
I am your guide when you navigate and my hands provide you with new life,
I am so wealthy that for my own reflection I have huge Mirrors,
For I am the Goddess of lakes, rivers and all their reflections.

I am breath, breeze, I am a creator;
I enjoy playing with the clouds and moving the sun.
With my huge beak I blow gentle caresses through the wind
And with my conch Shell on my chest I offer you the music from deep within me.

I am a fertile and voluble Goddess,
I am a girl, a woman, I am your protector.
To lie upon the leaves is my delight,
My wide smile with big teeth
Is your support and satisfaction

I am the God of youth and play
I enjoy music, dance and amusement
I love life, butterflies and the warm beams from the sun.
I am the flower that blossoms from water, but beware…
If you attention wanders for one second, I’ll strike your heart with an arrow!

designed by tixinda

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Que bonito trabajo felicidades por toda su propuesta artistica visual. Espero algun dia conocerlos. UN abrazo y buena vibra hermanos.

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