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AeroMexico identity

Posted by rod - 18.05.2010

Mexico City based AeroMexico is the country’s flag carrier and was established as Aeronoves de Mexico on 15 September 1934, by Antonio Diaz Lombardo. The logo shows the head of an Aztec eagle warrior.

“For the ancient cultures of Mexico, wings, or the human ability to fly, have three truly significant forms of expression. First, the feathered man-god Quetzalcoatl appears impetuous and startled, as if he had just landed. Second, there is the ritual ceremony of the Voladores de Papantla (Fliers of Papantla). Equally fascinating for those who perform the ritual as it is for those who watch, it offers a practical and obvious solution to the human desire to ride the wind. Finally, the Aztecs established a military organization of privileged Eagle Knights (Caballeros Águilas), warriors who were chosen because they had proven their courage, fearlessness and heroism in battle. For major public events, as well as for ritual sacrifices, the Aztecs organized spectacular ceremonies that included military parades featuring the dance of the Eagle Knights, who leapt as if they were birds ready to take flight. These young men dressed in coats of feathers carried spears and shields and covered their faces with masks made in the shape of an eagle’s head. Since the Eagle Knight is deeply rooted in our cultural heritage, it was proudly chosen to be the emblem of Aeromexico. With the same strength as the warrior, we strive each day to be a leading and socially responsible company that offers the level of service our customers deserve.” images via logodesignworks, skyscrapercity

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