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Tzabar – Hummus Packaging

Posted by rod - 05.04.2010

Tzabar – Hummus Packaging was designed by Israeli designers Adlai Stock, Barak Nativ – Adlai & Partners

“The family of the Tzabar Hummus salads is united by a certain texture, a swirling arabesque motif, and distinctive writing in an oriental font. These are intended to strengthen the authenticity of the Hummus. The top part of the container and most of the cover are transparent, so the Hummus and its trimmings are visible. The containers are differentiated by color, each one having some connection with the product. For instance “The Mahluta of Nihad the Jordanian” is brown, just like the beans inside.” via Designed in Israel

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  • From: wineO
  • Mar 11, 2013

looks like garbage to me

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