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Traditional cloth weaving in Brunei

Posted by rod - 07.04.2010

Kain Arab Gagati

Kain Tenunan Beragi Bertabur

Kain Bertabur

Kain Jongsarat

Kain Sipugut

Kain Sukmaindera

Above are a few examples of traditional cloth weaving in Brunei. The earliest recorded mention can be traced back to Sultan Bolkiah’s reign from 1485 to 1524. One of the most well-known designs is the Jongsarat pattern. It is said to be the design above all others, reflecting the skill, artistic beauty and fine workmanship in which a quality cloth possesses. There are many other designs such as the Kain Bertabur, Sipugut, Sukmaindera, Silubang Bangsi and Arab Gagati. For more information about this tradition head over to the brunei resources site. Thanks also to Ana from Brunei for giving me the hint.

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  • From: Ana
  • Jan 15, 2011

I know this is way long overdue but…..thank you so much!
Keep it up! :D

  • From: rod
  • Jan 15, 2011

Hi Ana
Thanks for the comment. This reminds me that I haven’t posted stuff about Brunei in a long time. Thanks!

  • From: Yen
  • Apr 04, 2011

Hi there, if I want to conduct a visit to a place where they can explain a little bit on traditional weaving in Brunei, where should I go to?

  • From: rod
  • Apr 04, 2011

Hi Yen
Good question. I guess if you search a bit online you will find some place.


pleas may i know what is the fabri/fabric designs in brunei

Hey ,can you define kain bertabur ?

bababa babanana bababa baba nananana potetuna !

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nice one po

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