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Latvian Banknotes

Posted by rod - 02.04.2010

– Oak-tree and stylized oak-leaf
– Design of an ornamental sun cut in wood superimposed on a distaff motif

– Panoramic view of the River Daugava and a stylized oak-leaf
– Representation of the traditional Latvian bronze bow-broach superimposed on a motif of the broach’s elements

– Ancient Latvian homestead and stylized oak-leaf
– Motif of traditional Latvian ornaments

– Ancient sailing-ship and stylized oak-leaf
– Historical small coat of arms of Riga, a cross above two intersected keys, is superimposed on the city plan of the medieval Riga

– Portrait of Krisjanis Barons and stylised oak-leaf
– Variety of Lielvarde belt ornaments

– Profile of a Latvian folk-maid and stylized oak-leaf
– Motif of the ornaments of a bronze head-dress

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Beautiful banknotes design

  • From: Amc630
  • Mar 16, 2011

I collect Latvian paper money, and all paper money circulated within the boundary of the present republic. This a fascinating way of discovering the history of the nation. My collection is incomplete! But if you want to see examples of early notes, let me know; city notes, German notes, Czarist notes, Soviet notes, Polish notes. I want current 500-lat notes in decent condition, preferably undamaged.

  • From: Just_me
  • Apr 02, 2011

I aree with Alekzander and Amc630, the banknot desing is really nice and yes, this is very interesting way, how to learn the history of the nation. Because, for example, the okak (5 lats) represents the strenght of a man (in this situation i would say, the strenght of latvian nation ((: ) , (10 lats) the beautiful nature of our country, (20, 50, 100 and 500 lats) representsthe latvian folklore and symbols and one of the most amazing and known person in latvians culture- Krišjānis Barons. Its amazing!! we really shouldnt change this to euro (:

  • From: rod
  • Apr 02, 2011

Thanks for the insight. And yes a banknote is a very interesting way to learn the history of a nation. That’s one of reasons I try to feature them on CreativeRotos. Thanks again

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