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La Vuelta

Posted by rod - 26.04.2010

This packaging design was created by Santo “La Vuelta” is a”mate” herb, an infusion that is drunk in southern Latinamerica. In order to drink it, the herb is placed in a receptacle (the mate) where water is added and one drinks it with a special metal straw (bombilla).  It’s a very old custom which consists of everyone drinking from the same receptacle. One person drinks it at a time, and then passes it on to the next person. This action of drinking and then passing the mate along in a circle is called “la vuelta del mate” (‘the mate round’). The packs were designed using as reference the fabrics worn by the “gauchos” (Latin American cowboys) as ponchos. The designs come from the natives who inhabited this region in pre-colonial times. This “mate” herb was launched in Uruguay by The Coca-Cola Company and it rapidly became one of the brands with the most “top of mind” in the category.”

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Esta bien…pero como uruguayo, no tomo mate. Esta marca de yerba aquí casi ni se vende. seria bueno se informaran para decir mejor las cosas.
De todos modos gracias por la difusión. Abrazo.

Τhis is a topiϲ that’s close to my heart… Take care!
Exactly where are your contact ⅾetails tһough?

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