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Awamori packaging from Japan

Posted by rod - 22.04.2010

I really admire Japanese packaging and when I discovered these cool clay Awamori jugs my hart jumped high. Awamori is an alcoholic beverage that comes from Okinawa in Japan. It’s a lot stronger and a bit smoother than the Japanese Sake. Awamori is thought to get its name from the bubbles (awa) that rise and swell (mori) during its distillation. The more bubbles, the higher the alcohol concentration in the final product. Thesedays Awamori is served to guests, during celebrations and festivals throughout the year. The above designs are made out of clay but you can also find it in liquor bottles. If you love these Awamori packaging designs you may like to see these cool Sake barrel packaging. Images via okinawa.usmc, en.item.rakuten, flickr and flickr

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  • From: Tyler Hayes
  • Apr 22, 2010

Good choice of Japanese packaging! I just got back from southeast Asia and these kind of bottles were eeeeverywnere. Must sell a heck of a lot of them to tourists like us who love traditional Japanese culture. More modern packaging is still pretty good too, but I feel it’s mores because Japanese designers simply have to focus on a whole design, given the typography they inherently start with.

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Beautiful packagings, indeed


These types of packaging are looking very attective and also it’s look eye-catching. Also good for nature becuse it is eco friendly too. I loved to try it.


  • From: Packaging Design Consultants
  • Oct 07, 2010

Aesthetically creative. Has a very Earthly feeling to all. Very appealing.

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