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The Ethiopia Lion of Judah

Posted by rod - 29.03.2010

The Lion of Judah has been a part of Ethiopia for quite some while to be exact since the 13th century. Nowadays the Lion of Judah motif is figured prominently on the old imperial flag, currency, stamps, etc. and may still be seen gracing the terrace of the capital as a national symbol. It is also part of Rastafari culture. Images via rastaheadwrap, wholesalerastaoutlet, and

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[…] as Ethiopia‘s national animal and can be seen on various national artifacts such as the Ethiopian Lion of Judah flag. Images via ethiopianreview, and flickriver « Arabia Luxury Emirati Store […]

  • From: desta
  • Feb 09, 2011

hello everybody…….i guess the flag with the lion looks allright……since the new goverment toke over….they fuckin it up all but styll i’am not even ethiopian……what i’am trying to say is the old flag looked beautiful then this onee?????

  • From: Biniam Taye
  • Feb 25, 2013

The Ethiopian flag posted in your site has wrong horizontal stripes.
The national flag of Ethiopia consists of three wide horizontal stripes of green, yellow and red with an emblem of a radiant star surrounded by blue.
The flag shall have the colours; green at the top, yellow at the middle and red at the bottom together with a national emblem of circular blue background.

  • From: DASH
  • Feb 26, 2013


Give us the teachings of his Majesty Selassie! For we don’t want western philosophy

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