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Senegalese wrestlers

Posted by rod - 23.03.2010

Senegalese wrestlers Senegalese wrestlersSenegalese wrestlers1 Senegalese wrestlersSenegalese wrestlers2 Senegalese wrestlersSenegalese wrestlers3 Senegalese wrestlersSenegalese wrestlers4 Senegalese wrestlersSenegalese wrestlers6 Senegalese wrestlersSenegalese wrestlers7 Senegalese wrestlers

Absolutely fantastic photographic series of Senegalese wrestlers photographed by award winning photographer Denis Rouvre. Senegalese wrestling, or laamb is a mixture of bare-fist boxing and conventional wrestling. The fighters are coated with potions to extract evil and wear tallismans in the hope for good luck. Traditionally, laamb was a sign of a young man’s talent and strength in order to attract a wife. via and

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I would like to share mi images of senegalese wrestlers. I hope you enjoy them

  • From: rod
  • Mar 14, 2011

Hi Michael
Nice B&W pictures you’ve got there.


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