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Norsk Øl

Posted by rod - 29.03.2010

This is a nice packaging approach from Ryanna Christianson a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. She created a six pack of Norsk Øl which is based on the Scandinavian Nisse. Nisse is a figure who, according to Scandinavian beliefs live in barns and around farms. The Nisse is deeply ingrained in Norwegian culture and tradition and he is thought of as short and stocky with a long grey or white beard and a knitted red cap. He wears dark knickers and a shirt and vest or a sweater. He brings children Christmas gifts. I wonder why Ryanna didn’t use the Norwegian “Øl” in OL? via packaginguqam

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Ha, how cool! They’re bottles you’d want to keep! You could put them in the garden as Bottle Gnomes.

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