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Posted by rod - 09.03.2010

The Azulejo refers to a typical form of Portuguese or Spanish painted, tin glazed, ceramic tilework, They have become a classic feature of Portuguese culture, manifesting without interruption during five centuries consecutive trend in art. They are also a tradition in former Portuguese and Spanish colonies in Latin America. Whenever visiting Portugal, azulejos are to be found at churches, palaces, train stations etc. For more info on the history head over to Wikipedia images via discoveroporto, travel-in-portugal,

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[…] Azulejos sind die landestypischen Mosaike Spaniens und Portugals. Gefunden bei creativeroots. […]

it’s PortugUese not Portugese…

  • From: Aldo
  • Oct 27, 2015

I can’t watch the video because I’m in the liabrry and lost my headphones. Butttt try going without one cup of coffee in your lifetime, it’s grrrreat! Trust me.Missed you at meeting this week!

Where can the tiles be purchased for the murals depicted above?

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That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for contributing.

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