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Royal air maroc identity

Posted by rod - 06.02.2010

Royal air maroc identity: Red has considerable historic significance in Morocco, proclaiming the descent of the royal family from the Prophet Muhammad via Fatima, the wife of Ali, the fourth Caliph. Red is also the color that was used by the Sherifs of Mecca and the Imams of Yemen.
The interwoven star symbolizes the country’s religion and faith since the 5 branches could symbolize the 5 pillars of Islam. Images via,, amman-imman

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4 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Habiba
  • Feb 17, 2010

Do you know who work on the new identity of Royal air Maroc ?
I find this new version very interesting.

  • From: rod
  • Feb 17, 2010

Unfortunately I don’t know who designed the new Royal air Morroc identity. I guess you could find out by contacting corporate communications. If you do find out please lets us know.

  • From: Habiba
  • Apr 01, 2010

Unfortunately they never answer to me…
I will try to find who did this identity.

Royal Air Maroc brandmark. Developed for Landor Associates Dubai
u can check the website here:

regards! =)

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