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Keep the flame burning – 2010 Olympics

Posted by rod - 22.02.2010

Thanks to Nicolas from Taxi for getting in touch. Montreal’s Bombardier Inc. is keeping the Olympic flame burning across the country and throughout the Winter Games with help from a 45-second TV ad from Taxi.

The spot starts in a remote corner of Chile where an old man attempts to light his pipe, but the wind prevents him from doing so. Locals find themselves trying to light candles, and stay warm by a fire but the strong winds keep extinguishing the flames.

Finally, a family sitting around the dinner table watches as the Olympic Torch travels through a blowing snow storm, yet it’s still lit. The old man is still trying to light his pipe.   “That’s what you need,” says his wife, referring to the torch.

Bombardier designed the Olympic torch to be weatherproof, which is just as well given that it traveled through rain, sleet and snow along its 45,000 km, 106-day journey.

“This story nicely demonstrates Bombardier‘s ingenuity,” said Stéphane Charier, vice-president, executive creative director of Taxi, in a release. “To design and build a torch that resists Canadian weather is no small feat.”

Prototypes of the torch were tested in a weather simulation chamber before the final design. Bombardier manufactured 12,000 torches–one for each torchbearer.

Inspired by the contours of Canada‘s winter landscape, the design of the 2010 Olympic Torch symbolizes the tracks created in snow and ice by winter sports.

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What a great ad, made me smile. They should have done more revolving around other parts of the country.

  • From: Susan Jaworski
  • Mar 01, 2010

I love this ad – it was my favorite! What is the name of the song playing? It is such a catchy tune, I found myself humming it throughout the whole Olympics!

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