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Baybayin (Alibata) typography

Posted by rod - 28.02.2010

The “Baybayin writing system” also commonly known as the “Alibata” was an old script structure used by these ancient Philippine settlers long before the first Spanish colonizers arrived in 1521. It originated from the ancient Javanese system, the Old Kawi script. It is part of the Brahmic family of syllables derived from the Vatteluttu system (the precursor of the modern Tamil script) used in ancient southern India and Sri Lanka. The Baybayin uses an abugida system based mainly on consonant syllabications and vowel arrangements. It was used even during the Spanish times up until the end of their rule in 1898. Baybayin (Alibata) is now slowly being reintroduced to Filipinos and has become quite popular in the graffiti and tattoo scene. via flickr, nordenx, allphilippines, flickr,, and flickr again.

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Thanks for the great info.Very great blog layout. Easy on the eyes. Thanks and happy holidays.

  • From: Isko
  • Jul 13, 2011

This is love for culture at it’s finest~

  • From: jay
  • Aug 10, 2011

how can i for a word or make a sentence out of it?can some one help me?

  • From: YUANLEE
  • Sep 20, 2012

its not complte ryt ?

paano niyo nakuha yung alternate sa letter r at v? di ba pag sa letter r ang papalit o hahalili sa kanya ay letter L?

  • From: mark
  • Apr 13, 2016

this is a very great info you have,,thanks a lot

My sis later and I are trying to find a tattoo that symbolizes brother and sister. Can anyone help us find out some old Filipino tribals? Thank you

I’m trying to write my last name for my family…..C A B A L in Bayayin writing something modern and stylish….can I get some help here please


Ano pong basa sa likod ng 50 pesos bill na parang baybayin – Alibata na sulat??

Thank you po ..

Can you translate my last name? Fanugao

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