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A Toast to…

Posted by rod - 15.02.2010

“Toast to Argentina” print tells the tale of the birth of the tango.

“Toast to Bermuda” print tells the tale of the founder of Bermuda, Sir George’s odd demise.

“Toast to England” print tells the tale of King Henry’s love for lamprey.

“Toast to Mexico” print tells the tale of professional wrestler, film actor, and folk icon El Santo’s (the Saint’s) fight debut in the Arena de Mexico.

“Toast to Thailand” print tells the tale of a ten ton solid gold Buddha, worth 14 million dollars, once disguised by a layer of clay for several hundred years. Suggested this was a trick to divert invaders in the 13th century, the shrine now sits visible to all, in the temple of Wat Traimit.

“Toast to Zimbabwe” print tells the tale of “Great Zimbabwe,” also known as the “Stone Buildings.” Built without mortar in the twelfth to fifteenth century, there are over 200 of these heritage sites, relics, still standing in the country and “Great Zimbabwe” is the largest.

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  • From: Doc
  • Dec 30, 2016

More posts of this quyiatl. Not the usual c***, please

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