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Imagining Mozambique – Poster

Posted by rod - 08.01.2010

Thanks for getting in touch, Happycentro created this interesting poster (Mozambique Toy Soldier Typography) for the charity Imagining Mozambique.

Interested in the project and knowing too little about the issue of Mozambique, the first thing I did, I always do so, I entered into a search engine that word. It is interesting how a so superficial approach sometimes suggests effective initiatives. Of all the information I have gathered, in the end I have been impressed that the first words you read on the Wikipedia entry Mozambique are: from 1977 to 1992 the country was traversed by a long civil war. I was born in 1977 and I remember very well my 1992. It is difficult to dive into the reality of a childhood lived in the middle of a bloody conflict. Many small lives that has been denied the right of the game. I imagined a country torn apart, I thought of something like that for me the war was only a game. I thought of the soldiers who, abandoning their shape, piled one over, tell us a bit of recent history of humanity.

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