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Cossack Mamay

Posted by rod - 13.12.2009


Thanks to Anton Kryachko for sending me some pictures of the Cossack Mamay book, which was designed by Grafprom design studio in Ukraine. Cossack Mamay is a Ukrainian folkloric hero of uncertain origin, one of standard characters in the Vertep, the traditional Ukrainian itinerant puppet theater, since late 17th century. More about Cossack Mamay here

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  • From: Star
  • Oct 17, 2015

I too went to see this circus on Sunday at 1pm. While it was a nice aoofrnetn for the most part, there are an enormous amount of inaccuracies in this article. No elephants, no motorcycle, most certainly NOT climate controlled, absolutely not theater seating, No motorcycles, no stilts, no giant wheel of death, no german wheels, no russian swings, no cossack riders. There were dancing zebras and six camels, there was a great acrobatic show and a tightrope walker. On another note, all of that, on top of $38.00 per adult admission , $15.00 for a balloon and $4.00 bottle of water. All and all, it was fairly cost prohibitive for a family!

That Russell does seem to be a very lovely man. I hear nothing but good things about him wherever I go. Which admittedly isn’t very many places, but his name does seem to pop up a lot in both the virtual and the real worlds. I’ll see if I can find a copy of Campaign in the office tomorrow.

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