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Branding Kosovo

Posted by rod - 08.12.2009


“Branding Kosovo” is a one-man trip into one of the most recent conflicts in Europe. It is a film about the creation of the symbols, the State flag and the new anthem, that represent the identity of the newest country in the world, The Republic of Kosovo.

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4 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Oyvind
  • Dec 09, 2009

I read the top image as “Absolut Kosovo”…

  • From: Rod
  • Dec 09, 2009

Ha now that you are saying. Check out this post for Absolut Russia

Whatever you read, whatever you say, Kosovo is Absolut Serbia.

  • From: LeraahM
  • Sep 12, 2012

Whatever you read whatever you say Serbia will never be a part of europe until you cut this crap ;)

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