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Inspired by - Central America


Posted by rod - 26.11.2009


SALPL (Sociedad de Alumnos de Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas) is the Political Sciences’ Student Board from the ITESM (Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey) in Monterrey, Mexico. They asked BANG! to do a logo that brought more unity between the career members and inspired trust, proactivity, cooperation, and a lot of energy. They were also looking for something that changed the ITESM students ides from the future politicians. Something that gave them hope in the future

The proposal from the BANG! team was based on the idea of cooperation and team work using Aztec pictograms that enforced  that ideas of communication, dialogue, change, movement, life, a new beginning, and energy.  We went for the Aztec theme also, because their last logo was an Aztec symbol and we thought of that as a way of unifying the past and the present.

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