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Inspired by - Uzbekistan

Coat of Arms Uzbekistan

Posted by rod - 28.11.2009


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  • From: Sri
  • Oct 27, 2015

Gazza: The problem was that they didn’t crsiictie enough – they were slow off the mark (their initial response being to blame the victims), and their criticism was indeed muted compared to that from the EU, UK, and other civilised places.And there is no “benefit of the doubt” to be given over flying people to Tashkent so they can be boiled alive. Any government which knowingly and willingly turns people over to be tortured (and indeed, arranges for their torture and provides the list of questions) deserves the strongest possible condemnation.

Now the Maoists are saying they do not have any problem with Gyanendra. What a joke?Maoist are the real [icd]…….“We have no personal agenda against the king, we are against the monarchy as an institution…” Mahara.So Gyanendra is the best king in the history of Nepali monarchy all rest are worst.

I haven't had ramsons before, but I love any pesto and pasta combination and a garlic taste is always a winner. Now I have something new to look for in the grocery store!

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