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Inside Norway

Posted by rod - 27.10.2009


Inside Norway is promoting Norwegian furniture design abroad. They asked StokkeAustad to design the Norwegian stand at the 2009 IMM furniture fair in Cologne. The concept of StokkeAustad was to create an abstract apple garden since most furniture producers are located on the west coast where apple trees are plentiful and since wood still holds a central role in furniture production.

DesignersJourney create a solution to decorate the trees with flowers.

The history of Norwegian furniture industry is characterized by a rather simple, or better functional philosophy. It was about taking what you have and make something useful out of it.

During the creative process a metaphor arose between this philosophy of making furniture and a simple by-product of the apple tree: apple jam.

Worth mentioning is the illustration of the Jam glass which is a typical Norwegian artifact. More info here and here.

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Excellent post! I have to tell my father about this website. Great work.

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