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Inspired by - Afghanistan

ETA vacuum cleaner

Posted by rod - 02.10.2009


Interesting concept for ETA vacuum cleaner designed by Kaspen/Jung v.Matt, Prague. Vacuum your Persian, Afghan via

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*wow* this is so cool!!!

Now a days we cant think a neat and clean house without a Vacuum Cleaner. This is a great product And I am happy with its service.

Hi , very interesting with your ETA vacuum cleaner.
Thank you for your service.

This is excellent posting and i have a same blogs.Then go to the site listed in the post.

  • From: Luke
  • Mar 26, 2016

Amazing on it. This is not only a vacuum cleaner but also a artwork!

The post is impressive! and Vacuum sealer is a necessary thing in the kitchen. That’s all.

This vacuum Cleaner is freaking interesting. I just could not understand it for the first visit that it is an vacuum cleaner. However, It is an innovative idea, no doubt about it.

Wow it’s creative! I have never think vacuum cleaner can be so great!

Thank you for your service.

interesting concept! This will definitely make a pet owner’s life a lot easier with this type of vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum for pet hair is awesome! Love it

This is very interesting indeed. Having a pet comes with many challenges, one being cleaning pet hair off the items around your home. A quality vacuum is a must for that.

That’s a unique concept. I still think Dyson vacuum cleaners are good. They have some that are upright and cordless. I recently heard about them in 2017 and I think they’re the next best vacuum producer.

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