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The Singapore Heritage Restaurant

Posted by rod - 01.09.2009







The Singapore Heritage Restaurant is situated in chinatown right beside the chinatown heritage centre. The restaurant holds various artifacts of Singapore, from traditional coffee cups to decade old tables and chairs. found via flickr and

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  • From: Linda
  • Dec 25, 2015

I guess its both my friend. But I don’t know if its only me but at first I was very exceitd coming here in the US. Very, very exceitd that I can’t wait to see this beautiful country. Now I am here, I miss my homeland not only my friends, relatives and family but I like the simplicity of life there. Here it seems time runs so fast. Everything should be fast here. Everybody always wants to be in a rush, from working to eating. There is indeed no place like home as for me.

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Yup, that’s exactly It’s about pseudo-rape, and not at all about maintaining professional

Melykin: The performance of many Asian undergrads at UCB, especially in courses that require English fluency and verbal analytic skills, IS a scandal. As Steve has pointed out, Asians don't score any better on AP tests than whites, they just take more AP courses — which lifts their GPA because such courses are graded on a 1-5 instead of a 1-4 scale. And taking the actual AP test is optional; most don't bother.

March 21, 2012Dude, I hate mixing sinlge and mutli-player games. they need to keep it old school like NWN: Main game is single player but if you want to run multi-player stuff, you can. One has nothing to do with the other.Not being a “serious” gamer, I’ve heard many gamers hating on Origin. I’d be very interested in a post on the ass-hatery of Origin.P.S. “In the future, nipples will be made of LEDs to save energy.”- HA!!

I'm sure you are being ultra modest, cause these rolls sound and look amazing. I've been looking for a croissant type of roll to make my own almond croissants (picked up some amazing white chocolate marzipan filling in Seattle). The butter and kneading seem worth it. Thanks for the recipe Mary!

Ai, Chanel me mata! Sou louca pra comprar essa base, mas ainda ando me segurando porque tenho taaaanta base lá em casa que se eu comprar essa, as outras vão ficar com ciúmes no canto… hahaha[]

oare cu ce am gresit ca cetatean roman sa merit soarta asta trista?de unde si pana unde elena udrea a ajuns in politica?de ce toate traseistele si toti incultii ajung sa ocupe locuri in inalta “societate”?chiar nu se sesizeaza nimeni in cacatul asta de tara?!am 26ani si nu am nici cea mai mica sansa de a ma realiza in tara asta,,,,,,,,m-am saturat de atata blondime,,,,,,,banii atati de multi cum i-a facut?muncind….pe sub birourile cui va intreb si eu?multumesc

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