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Egyptian Pound

Posted by rod - 01.09.2009


Egyptian Pound found via the currency museum

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egypt air concorde is a three hour flight from cairo international airport or sphinx international airport,the arab republic of egypt ( headquarters of the african union government and its twin counterpart the african union) to rodhesfield station o.r. tambo international airport ,the republic of south africa. the egypt pound is rated 0.80 cents to the rand on the internet. The african ubion government is a non political international government organization headquartered in grand hyatt conference centre,cairo city. egypt (the arab republic of egpt). cairo city is one hour ahead of johannesburg. cairo city is approximately 23 degrees noth/ 20 degrees east ( the tropic of cancer). my cellphone number is +27 78 784 3440.

my name is mwasame mwashi , I work on the internet, my e-mail addres is egyptian currency is my currency.

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