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Inspired by - Nigeria

Phyllis Galembo

Posted by rod - 09.08.2009


The pictures ABOVE are from Nigeria and the BELOW are from Tahiti


Photography by Phyllis Galembo who has series of portraits showing the masks and costumes worn by priest and priestesses for religious rituals in Nigeria and voodoo in Tahiti. The photos above are from the Steven Kasher Gallery. via Africa.Visual_Media

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  • From: Meg
  • Jan 02, 2010

Hello – love your site. Just noticed this post – I think the latter set of photos actually depict Haiti (in the Caribbean) rather than Tahiti (South Pacific).

  • From: Raph
  • Nov 15, 2010

Meg is right, they are haitian costumes or “mas”. I think this is more carnival than voodoo but it could be some kind of voodoo influences.

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