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Tourism Malaysia Promotion 2007

Posted by rod - 21.05.2009

Malaysia is definitely a difficult country to define, seeing that it is such a diverse country with so many cultures mixed together. The video clip is a bit long but it’s a good summary of Malaysia. Found via

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im proud to be malaysian tho.

  • From: Nurul
  • Nov 17, 2010

Hi Rod,

Great efforts you’re making here. And thanks for dropping by on my research blog (
Significant part of my PhD’s research is about archiving ephemeral print. The other part of it is about discussing and presenting the significant of these artifacts in terms of cultural background, politics, economical status, everyday culture and the country’s directions.
Do you have any plan in mind with these artifacts?


  • From: rod
  • Nov 17, 2010

Thanks Nurul :)

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