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Arctic water of Norway

Posted by rod - 01.05.2009


When Artic Water of Norway approached Holidesign their ambition was to export globally what may very well be the purest water on the planet – SNØ. It is artesian natural spring water and is bottled at the source, which is the foot of one of the remaining polar icecaps (glaciers). This is an area far removed from major pollution sources, just beneath the Polar circle and is fantastic artesian water with a high PH (8).

The client wanted the label to signalize the purity of ancient water from Norwegian soil combined with the romance of Viking mythology. It’s an emotional connection point that transcends the product itself, and thereby establishing that elusive, all-important connection with the consumer. And the story goes …

”999 AD. Vikings rule Norway and legends are born. This is the year the Vikings discover the Polaris source, and it is said to be the secret behind their mythical powers. Finally what might be the purest water in the world is available to Vikings everywhere. We apologize for the millennial wait.” Designed by Holidesign: Found via

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